K 32kw mono FF VIVA

Brand: Viva

Type: სტანდარტული

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Wall mounted central heating boiler: VIVA - 32kw

Working principle: natural gas

Boiler type: double circuit (heating + hot water)

Combustion chamber type: closed

Exhaust principle: forced

Heat exchanger: bithermal

Power: 32 kW.

Average heating area: 200 m²

Technical data:

Minimum/maximum power: 32 kW.

Gas consumption: 1.0 - 2.6 m³/h

Hot water throughput (Δt 25°C): 10 l/min.

Heating circuit temperature: 30 - 80°

Hot water circuit temperature: 25 - 60°C

Power consumption: 100 W

Expansion tank: 6 L

Max. System pressure: 3 bar

Size: 700 x 400 x 330 mm

Weight: 29.6 kg.

Additional features:

German circulation pump Grundos.

Full control of all operating parameters and display of error codes.

High efficiency + 90%.

All stages of the production process are under strict control.